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State Legislators

Shane Massey (District 25)

Tom Young, Jr (District 24)

Nikki Setzler (D (District 26)


Bart Blackwell (District 81)

Bill Hixon (District 83)

Bill Taylor (District 86)

Melissa  Lackey-Oremus (District 84)

Bill Clyburn (D) (District 82)

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Senator Lindsey Graham

Senator Tim Scott

Rep. Joe Wilson (2nd District)

Rep. Jeff Duncan (3rd District)

Rep. William Timmons (4th District)

Rep. Ralph Norman, Jr. (5th District)

Rep. Tim Rice (7th District)

Rep. Nancy Mace (1st District)

Rep. Jim Clyburn (D) (6th District)

Federal Elected Officials

Robert A. Pettit, Mayor

David W. McGhee

Pat C. Carpenter

Fletcher L. Dickert

J. Robert Brooks

Eric H. Presnell

Kevin W. Toole

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City of North Augusta Elected Officials

Gary Bunker, Chairman

Kathy Rawls (District 1)

Camille Furgiuele (District 2)

Danny Feagin (District 3)

Chuck Smith (District 4)

Sandy Haskell (District 5)

Phil Napier (District 6)

Andrew Siders (District 7)

Willar H. Hightower (D) (District 8)

Auditor | Charles Barton

Clerk of Court | Robert J. Harte

Coroner | Daryl Ables

Probate Judge | Tonya Marchant

Registrar of Mesne Conveyances (RMC) | Judith V. Warner

Sheriff | Michael Hunt

Solicitor | Strom Thurmond

Treasurer | Jason Goings

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Aiken County Elected Officials

Rick Osborn, Mayor

Kay Biermann Brohl (District 3)

Ed Girardeau (District 4)

Andrea Gregory (District 5)

Ed Woltz (District 6)

Gail Diggs (D) (District 1)

Lessie Price (D) (District 2)

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City of Aiken Elected Officials

Faye Durham 

Carl Culpepper

Jason Morgan 

Vernon Dunbar, Mayor (D)

Terrance Williams (D)

Crystal Bing-Smith (D)

Ron Reynolds (D)

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Town Of New Ellenton

Elected Officals