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Aiken County Council Special Election (District 8)

October 17 (early voting Begins October 2nd to October 14th)

City of Aiken General Election (Mayor and City Council Districts 1 & 3)

       November 7 (early voting Begins October 23rd to November 4th)

        City of Aiken Mayoral Race official results


 Click here for: Aiken County Election Information

                          POLL WATCHER TRAINING

Where: Lions Club - 1 Lions Trail Rd - Warrenville, SC 29851

When: September 19th at  10am and September 21st at 6 pm

Classes normally run 2-2.5 hours depending on participation.  

To sign up for a Poll Watcher class, please click on this link to choose a date that suits you.

2023 Aiken County Election Commission Meeting Schedule:

Aiken County Government Center

1930 University Pkwy

Meeting begins at 5:30 pm
**First floor doors open for public access from 5:00pm- 5:45pm**

September 25

October 16

November 13 

*** View past meeting minutes, click here ***


Don't forget your Photo ID (or voter registration card if you do not have a Photo ID)



  1. We must stay involved in the election process. Knowledge is power!  If you talk to a person who wants to be more involved and need more information, please send me an email at:

  2. Support good common sense election bills. 

    1. The ACE act is being proposed on the Federal House Floor, please contact your federal representative and ask them to co-sponsor this bill.  Click on the link for more information about the American Confidence in Elections: The Path to Election Integrity Across America 

  3. Please help recruit and register new voters if you can.  Also, be sure to go to and check your registration to ensure when you can vote with a normal ballot.  It’s best to address any issues before election day.

  4. Most of all, plan to Vote!

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